Hiring Options

HHR Hiring Options:


Seasonal rushes, sick leave, maternity leave, employee vacations, increased workload due to large shipments, no-shows, no problem!

Humboldt Human Resources can send you a temporary replacement for as long as you need.  Whether you need an employee for two hours or indefinitely, no task is too small or too large…we are here for you.  Let us handle the recruiting, screening and payroll for your temporary needs, so you can focus your energy on running your business!



Temp to Perm

The 90-day “temp to perm” program allows you to preview the employee for 90 days before you commit to hiring them.

During this 90-day period we pay the employee weekly, and bill with a 10-day net.  If you and the employee are both satisfied after the initial 90 day period, the employee can roll over to your payroll with no additional fee.  It’s that simple!



Professional headhunting is one of Humboldt Human Resources’ specialties. If you are looking for a professional with specific skills and/or experience, we can recruit and screen applicants to suit your particular need. We can set up interviews with the best applicants at your convenience, allowing you to make the final hiring decision. If you are not interested in the temp-to-perm agreement, we provide a direct hire option. You will be billed a flat fee, based on the employee’s yearly salary. Direct hire placements are guaranteed for 60 days, during which time we will find a qualified replacement at no additional fee, if your first choice doesn’t work out.



Employer taxes (including unemployment), quarterly and year-end reports, payroll, and other employee issues consume a large portion of an employer’s time and energy.  Formerly, the only way to remedy the situation was to hire a full-time employee to handle these requirements.  This is a costly solution.

Now you can save your valuable time and money by having Humboldt Human Resources handle these issues for you.  By using Humboldt Human Resources, you are also relieved of the headaches and liability resulting from workers’ compensation claims.  Let us take care of all your employee issues so you can concentrate on other crucial aspects of your business.