Why HHR?

Humboldt Human Resources Is Your Best Resource. Why HHR?

  • Humboldt Human Resources carefully reviews each applicant’s job history, contacting former employers to confirm job performance, reason for leaving, etc.  We also check all references to provide the best personality match, as well as the best skill-level match, for your company.
  • H.H.R. carefully tests each applicant to get an accurate measure of his or her skills.  We evaluate our personnel with thorough, hands-on testing that is job specific.  If you have a specific requirement or request, please be sure to give your employment specialist a detailed description of your needs.
  • All H.H.R. applicants are interviewed extensively by one of our qualified employment specialists to determine if they will be suitable for your particular company.  Our goal is to weed through our qualified applicants to find the personality that will be a perfect fit for your business environment.
  • Humboldt Human Resources’ employment specialists periodically check the performance of our employees on assignment to ensure continued job excellence.  We also keep detailed personnel records on each individual.
  • H.H.R guarantees the performance of each employee.  If you are not completely satisfied with the employee we send, notify us within the first two hours, and you pay nothing.  That’s right, NO CHARGE!  In addition, we will find a qualified replacement as quickly as possible.